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Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

Bachelor's Degree

- 2 years at RDC
- 2 years at most universities

Main Campus
The Program

For a general discussion of the B.A. program, click here.

Psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior. RDC special interests include: memory and attention, social psychology, physiological psychology, and anomalous experiences.

Program Content

The below schedule is a general pattern that transfers to the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge. Check the Alberta Transfer Guide for transfer credit information.

Suggested Year 1 Pattern

  • ENGL 219/ENGL 220 (6 credits)
  • PSYC 260/PSYC 261 (6 credits)
  • Science requirement (3 credits)
  • Options (15 credits)

Suggested Year 2 Pattern

Refer to Academic Advising Planning Guides.

Visit RDC’s Course Catalogue/Timetable to read detailed course descriptions.

University Transfer Program

Visit the Bachelor of Arts page for transfer features.

Transfer Features

Visit the Bachelor of Arts page for transfer features.