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2020/2021 Planning

Online Class Delivery

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Red Deer College is delivering the majority of our classes online for Fall Term 2020. To help you navigate this, please see the information and links below. 

How do I know if I need to come to campus for my classes? 

New, continuing and apprenticeship students can view their schedules through theLoop for details on the delivery of their courses.  

How can I prepare for online learning? 

RDC is providing students with access to an Online Success Toolkit through BlackBoard (My Organizations). This toolkit is designed to teach you what is required to be successful in an online learning environment. We hope this will prepare you well to be successful in the Fall Term. 

If you have technology questions, IT Services can help students find information, get help when you need it, search for knowledge articles on issues you may have, and submit a service request if you can’t find what you are looking for.  

Is the Campus Store open to get my textbooks and supplies? 

Textbooks, course packs and supplies are available through the Campus Store. Orders can be submitted online with delivery or curb-side pick-up as options.  

Are Student Services available?  

Access to student services will be primarily through virtual appointments. Please check Service Updates for information on how to contact and access services.  

The Students’ Association also offers a variety of services including a used bookstore, health and dental plans, food bank, and on-campus food and beverage service through the Far Side Bar and Grill.   

Will there be a new student orientation?  

New student orientation is scheduled for September 2, 2020 and will be delivered in a virtual format. Details will be available shortly at Visit Us.   

As an international student is there anything else I should know or do before the Fall term begins?  

We recommend you frequently check COVID-19 Updates for International Students for information specific to study permits and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announcements and policy changes.  

Looking for more information? Check out the following pages: 

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General Information and Resources 
On-Campus Shops and Labs 
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Previous Announcements for Online Delivery in Fall Term 2020

June 15, 2020 Update 

On June 8, 2020, Red Deer College presented a Virtual Town Hall for Students to answer questions students may have and to provide information for the coming year. This video is available on RDC’s YouTube channel. The Virtual Town Hall featured a conversation between RDC’s President, Dr. Peter Nunoda, and Students’ Association President, Brittany Lausen, followed by a question and answer period. The discussion includes information on course delivery, student services and student life at RDC this fall. 

When considering course delivery for Fall Term 2020, RDC has made new curriculum-based decisions that will accommodate limited small group, in-person interactions for selected labs, shops, practicums and studios this fall. We have carefully assessed all our courses to determine which ones require hands-on instruction in the fall to support students’ learning outcomes and program completions. We have also looked at what practical learning could be delivered online in the fall or in-person later in the 2020/2021 year. The timetable is available to view, and it identifies whether practical learning will be online or through small group, in-person delivery. 

Staff from across RDC are here to assist students as they plan and prepare for next fall. Please connect with RDC’s Academic Support team, Counselling Services and the Library to learn more. You can also schedule an eAdvising session with one of our experts at   

May 14, 2020 Update

Further to last week’s announcement that Red Deer College will be offering our courses online for Fall term 2020, the following information answers the most common questions that students and potential students have asked.

First, please know that students will receive a high-quality education through online delivery. Unlike the emergency shift to online learning in March, RDC's courses will be specifically designed and developed for online delivery for Fall term. This will provide a very different, positive experience for students and one that will serve them well as they transition to work or further learning in the future. 

Our instructors are working with RDC’s experts in the Centre for Teaching and Learning to design courses for online, ensuring student interactions and activities are best suited for that delivery method. Students will receive the same credit and credentials through online learning, giving you the training and education you need to be successful. 

Practical learning is a vital part of many courses at RDC. In developing courses for online delivery, RDC is looking at how to deliver labs, shops, studios, practicums and other experiential learning, as it makes sense for each course. This may mean that some labs could be online, and other labs or shops could be delivered later in the 2020/2021 year. For practicum or clinical placements, RDC is working with our partners to determine the best and safest way to offer these experiences. 

Many have asked about tuition rates and whether these will be lowered due to online delivery. While the delivery method will temporarily change, students will still receive the same credit for their education and have access to the same student services, so tuition will not decrease. Other fees will be adjusted, or not charged, including the Activity and Wellness fee and Material and Special fees associated with individual courses.

To help mitigate financial strain students may experience, RDC has many opportunities for students to apply for scholarships and awards, and we encourage you to visit Funding & Awards to learn more.  Please note the scholarship deadline for many awards is May 31, 2020. You can also schedule a virtual appointment with the Student Connect Centre to discuss your options.

We are available to assist you as you consider your path and prepare for next fall. Please connect with RDC’s Academic Support team, Counselling Services and the Library to learn more. You can also schedule an eAdvising session with one of our experts at Academic Advising

Please stay connected to this webpage and RDC’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), as we will be sharing helpful resources for online learning throughout the coming weeks and months. 

May 8, 2020 Update

With the ongoing situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Deer College has determined we need to be proactive and prepared for the delivery of programs this fall. RDC will deliver programs and courses online in Fall 2020.

To help students plan and to allow instructors the opportunity to plan effectively for the Fall term, we are announcing now that RDC’s courses will be delivered online in September. Even if the restrictions related to COVID-19 are fully lifted by the fall, we believe it is important to establish RDC's plan now, out of respect for everyone involved.

The online programs and courses that RDC offers this fall will not be emergency response delivery: they will be courses developed and designed for online learning, providing the best possible opportunities for our students.

We recognize there are outstanding questions, and planning continues to finalize a variety of processes. 

The practical and hands-on aspects of programs are an important part of our students’ education. People may wonder what will happen with Apprentice programs, labs, practicums and other opportunities. RDC’s Schools are currently establishing courses for delivery online in Fall 2020 and for delivery of courses with labs, practical/clinical, or shops through 2020/2021.

When it comes to course delivery in Winter Term, it is difficult to project what may change between now and January 2021. RDC will continue to inform students and community members as decisions are made about course delivery for the Winter Term 2021.  

Things will also continue to look different across our campuses this fall, including services for students, the Library, food services, Residence accommodations, RDC Athletics, and many more areas. Red Deer College is actively planning to answer questions people may have, to help ensure students have a positive experience next year. We will provide updates regularly to our students and community members, as information becomes available. 

College staff are available to assist students as they prepare for next fall. We invite students to learn more about a variety of services and resources including Academic Support, Counselling Services and Funding & Awards.

When it comes to researching and registering for classes, the timetable is being updated to accurately reflect how RDC will be delivering its courses in Fall Term 2020. This will take into consideration when and how to best deliver courses with labs, practicums, clinicals or shops. 

For this reason, as we previously announced, the start of Continuing Student Registration has been moved from May 5 to June 9, 2020 and the start of New Student Registration has been moved from May 19 to June 23, 2020. The timetable will be available for viewing on May 26, 2020 to assist all students in planning for the 2020/2021 academic year.

For ongoing updates, please visit this webpage often and stay connected to RDC’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). 

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