Agriculture Work in EUROPE!

International Rural Exchange

Agriculture Work in EUROPE!

International Rural Exchange
Description of Position / skills Required

Agriculture work in EUROPE!!

Spend the summer working in Europe!  Mixed farms in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK are looking for help during the spring, summer and/or fall.  Departures are flexible from March through to June and last for 3-12 months.  Applicants may customize their experience to suit their schedule.

International Rural Exchange Canada arranges the work permit, insurance, and full-time paid seasonal trainee position for you. Wages and hours vary depending on the country and job.  Accommodations are included and all positions have screened, English speaking, hosts.  

Placement Types

Agriculture Opportunities: dairy, sheep, swine and beef operations mixed with cropping.  

Horticulture opportunities: greenhouse, nursery, fruit orchards, botanical garden, turf maintenance.  

Apply now for spring or summer departures!

Fall placements are available for Australia and New Zealand!


Certifications / Qualifications / Education

Applicants must be Canadian, 18-35 years of age, in good health, possess a driver’s license and a passport, be flexible and open-minded, have a good work ethic and a sense of adventure. One year practical experience and/or education in your chosen placement type is preferred and a genuine interest in agriculture or horticulture is an asset.

Nature of Work
Contract, Full Time, Seasonal
How to Apply

Visit to request an information package which includes the application form.

Submit your application and we will work with you and our international partners to find the best placement for you! Application should be made 3 months prior to intended departure.
We are available for support throughout the entire process; before, during, and after your work/travel experience.