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COVID-19 Information | Courses and Services online only, effective May 5

Apprenticeship Schedule

RDC is pleased to safely offer a selection of some spring term Apprenticeship intakes delivered completely on our main campusface-to-face .  These intakes will be offered in synchronous (real-time), full-day sessions, fully on campus.   

For some of our programs, these face-to-face options are in addition to other intakes which are offered in a blended delivery and mainly asynchronous (self-paced) format with start dates between February and April.  

We have evaluated each program carefully in determining how each program will be delivered during our spring intakes in order to provide a safe and fulfilling learning environment while RDC continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please review the program-specific information below to confirm the options available for your program. 

The feedback we have received from our current Apprentices regarding the blended delivery format has been largely positive:  

We have heard from our Apprentices that the flexibility from the asynchronous delivery and extended end dates allow some Apprentices to stay connected with their employer or balance other personal commitments. Working at their own pace and on their own schedule allows Apprentices to focus attention on topics or sections where they need additional time or help, and in some cases, end their technical training early.

Learn below of general information regarding program delivery, as well as links to delivery details unique to each program and period of training. Please review this webpage and your specific program requirements listed below.  

Delivery Information


Funding Information

Program Specific Information and Schedules

Online Learning Resources

ILM/ Textbooks

Academic Support and Disability Services

Residence, Parking and Maps

Delivery Information

Programs are being offered in blended delivery, or face-to-face format.

For all delivery methods, all learning spaces are following COVID-19 protocols to keep apprentices and instructors safe. Apprentices should be prepared to supply and wear non-medical masks. All apprentices will be required to complete the COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Alberta Daily Health Checklist using the SAFE RDC app. Apprentices will not be permitted to come on campus if they are ill.  Please visit RDC’s COVID-19 information for additional details.


Blended Delivery

Blended delivery is offered with the theory portion online and the practical/ shop portions offered on campus. Theory was moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Alberta Health Services guidelines to minimize close contact with larger groups of people. Apprentices come on campus only when they are scheduled to complete the practical/shop portions of their courses. Conducting only the practical/shop portions on campus reduces the total number of people on RDC’s campus and helps reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

We have extended the schedule for blended delivery training to give you more time to complete the theory portions online. The result is that the schedule covers more weeks than if all portions were offered face-to-face. However, if you are able to advance through the theory portions quickly, you may be able to complete your Apprenticeship training by the last date of the scheduled practical/shop portion of the course. 

The online theory portion of our programs will be in a mainly asynchronous (self-paced) format. You will mostly be able to set your own hours for when you work on your course material. Self-paced study requires discipline and self-motivation, but also gives you the flexibility to do the course work at times that work best for you.  Please review the program-specific information for availability and full details.

Any synchronous (real-time) online portions of the class will be scheduled and communicated to Apprentices with sufficient prior notice so you can ensure you are available. More information will be provided by your instructor. 


Face-to-Face Delivery

Face-to-face delivery is offered fully on campus.  Apprentices will be expected to attend classes and practical/ shop portions in person on our campus.  Please review the program-specific information for availability and full details.


Apprentices attending face-to-face delivery are required to provide their own devices for access to electronic material essential to their program.   Please review your program-specific information page for important details specific to your program.  We have some minimum requirement and recommendations for these devices.  Your device must have a screen size of at least 13 inches.

If there is an instance of Covid-19 affecting you or your class, your studies may need to quickly revert to blended delivery in order to meet Alberta Health Services requirements.  If this occurs, theory content will be delivered online as per the blended delivery description above.  The process for shop/lab content will be discussed by your instructor at that time.

Face-to-face classes will continue to follow the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services (AHS). If the AHS guidelines change, RDC may be required to shift face-to-face programs to a blended online or fully distance model to meet the new guidelines. 


Orientation will be online. This will be available in Blackboard on your Loop account. There is no on-campus orientation.  

RDC’s COVID-19 Training is a requirement for everyone who will be coming to campus. It provides information about COVID-19, RDC’s rules, and the responsibilities we each have to prevent the spread of infection.  This will be available in Blackboard on your Loop account. 

For blended delivery options: you will be able to access this on the first day of class for your program.  Completing orientation in your first week of your online class is highly recommended, however, all apprentices are required to complete orientation prior to entering campus.

For face-to-face delivery options:  your Blackboard course will be available to you one week before class starts. This will allow you time to complete the online orientation as well as the COVID-19 training at your own pace from home before you come to campus. 

All Apprentices must complete RDC's COVID-19 Training prior to entering campus.

Please contact tradesandtechnologies [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca with any questions regarding orientation.

Funding and Money Matters

Funding - Please review funding options for Apprentices.

Employment Insurance (EI) - AIT has received confirmation from Service Canada about Employment Insurance eligibility for Apprenticeship training that extends beyond the normal face-to-face period. Please contact Service Canada for more information about Employment Insurance options for your technical training 1-800-206-7218 (in Alberta).

Program-Specific Information

Registration is currently open

Online Learning Resources

RDC has created some tools to help you make decisions on the best course of action for next academic year. Please see our flexible learning readiness checklist to evaluate your readiness for online learning.

Asynchronous? CBAT? What does all this mean? Here are some definitions of flexible learning terms to help you understand your course delivery.

What type of computer/ software/ accessories will I need?

What if my internet connection is below the minimum requirements?

  • You may have the option to stay on campus in our residence. Please contact RDC's Residence for more information.

What can I do to prepare for online learning?

  • RDC has an Online Success Toolkit that supports students with the unique challenge of learning online. It offers resources, how-to guides, activities and ideas that will promote your success as online learners. You can access it in Blackboard under the “My Organizations” box on the myRDC tab.

Other Resources at RDC

How can I get my ILM’s and textbooks? 

I need academic support or accommodations: what should I do? 

  • Academic Support will be available for apprentices.  
  • If you require academic or physical accommodations with Disability Services, we always recommend that you contact Disability Resources prior to your start date to start assessing your needs.

What if I need residence, parking or other services when I am on campus?

  • Please contact RDC Residence for more information regarding on-campus housing. You can apply for Residence after you register for your program.
  • Please contact RDC's Parking Services if you require parking during your time on campus.
  • Please review the RDC campus maps to help you find your way.