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COVID-19 Information | RDC’s plan to deliver quality education this fall

Faculty and Staff

Name Discipline/Program Phone Email
Alison Jeppesen, Ph.D School of Arts and Sciences, School of Creative Arts 403.342.3383 Alison.Jeppesen [at]
Amy Eisan Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Program 403.314.2487 amy.eisan [at]
Andrea Marjerrison Kinesiology & Sport Studies (KNSS) Program 403.356.4950 andrea.marjerrison [at]
Anomi G. Bearden Ph.D. Humanities & Social Sciences, Psychology 403.356.4857 anomi.bearden [at]
Ashley Moore Ph.D. Science & Engineering, Biology ashley.moore [at]
Ava Feenstra Pharmacy Technician (PHTD) Program 403.314.2454 ava.feenstra [at]
Becky Wylie-Jardine M.A. Justice Studies, Humanities & Social Sciences 403.342.3365 becky.wylie-jardine [at]
Benton Antifaiff Business Administration Diploma 403.356.5086 Extension 5 ben.antifaiff [at]
Blake Goehring Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant (OPTA) Program 403.314.2415 blake.goehring [at]
Brad Hamilton M.Sc. Science & Engineering, Chemistry 403.342.3212 brad.hamilton [at]
Brandi Ward Practical Nurse (PN) Program 403.314.2489 brandi.ward [at]
Brenda Joyce B.S.W, M.S.W, R.S.W. Social Work 403.314.2478 brenda.joyce [at]
Bryan Rowsell Ph.D Science & Engineering, Chemistry 403.314.2483 bryan.rowsell [at]
Cameron Ehnes Kinesiology & Sport Studies (KNSS) Program 403.342.3242 cameron.ehnes [at]
Candi Raudebaugh Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant (OPTA) Program 403.356.4943 candi.raudebaugh [at]
Carlen Lavigne Ph.D. Humanities & Social Sciences, Communications 403.342.3544 carlen.lavigne [at]
Carmen Plante M.S.W, B.S.W, R.S.W Social Work 403.357.3695 carmen.plante [at]
Carnelle “Raigne” Symes Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Program 403.314.2416 raigne.symes [at]
Carolyn Trumper, RN, BScN, MA, FHSI, CHE Health Care Management Post Diploma Certificate 403.314.2486 Extension 4 carolyn.trumper [at]
Carrie Dennett Ph.D Humanities & Social Sciences, Anthropology, Justice Studies 403.342.3290 carrie.dennett [at]