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Bachelor of Science, Nursing - collaboration with University of Alberta

Bachelor of Science, Nursing - students in rural practicum setting
Bachelor's Degree

4 years at RDC collaborative with University of Alberta

Main Campus
The Program

The focus is on concept based and intentional clinical learning.  Intentional clinical learning is a purposeful approach to providing students with the foundational knowledge and skills to provide safe quality patient care in todays' complex health settings. 

The program begins with admission to RDC in Year 1 as a student in the University of Alberta Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program with RDC. For the first three years you are registered as a RDC student. During Year 3 you apply for official admission to the University of Alberta for your fourth year. As long as you meet the criteria (see below), you continue at RDC to complete your 4th year.

After completing year 4, you will convocate from the U of A with a BScN. As a graduate, you will be eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This is required for license to practice in Alberta as a registered nurse (RN).

Program Content

The goal of the collaborative program is to provide a comprehensive curricular approach to student learning that is learner centered and based on the development of discipline, profession, and practice components with mutual responsibility for teaching and learning by faculty and students. Year one of the program is a foundational year, years two to four build on this foundation. In addition, a 3 credit English course and one elective are part of the program.

Course Sequence

  1. Open Elective will be selected from a discipline of the student's choice.  It must be completed by the end of Year 3 in order to progress to Year 4.
  2. To proceed to Year 4, students must have successfully completed all courses listed in Years 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Students who receive a grade of F or WD in any NURS course be considered out of sequence.  As a result, program length will be extended.
  4. Courses may be configured differently depending on clinical placement availability.
  5. Students who withdraw or fail a  fourth year nursing course (NURS 422, NURS 425, NURS 485) are required to follow applicable University of Alberta policies.  Fourth year students who have been out of clinical for a year or more are required to follow the applicable University of Alberta Academic Calendar.  


Year 1

NURS 215 Anatomy

NURS 230 Physiology & Pathophysiology I

NURS 236 Medical Microbiology

NURS 206 Foundations of Success in Nursing

ENGL (3Cr)

NURS 231 Physiology & Pathophysiology II

NURS 207 Foundations of Nursing I

NURS 208 Health Assessment & Nursing Process

NURS 209 Innovation, Systems Thinking and Leadership in Healthcare

NURS 211 Community Engagement in a Healthcare Context

INDS 205 Indigenous Peoples in Canada


Year 2

NURS 217 Foundations of Nursing Theory II

NURS 250 Introductory Acute Care Nursing Practice I

NURS 251 Pharmacology I

NURS 304 Statistics and Knowledge Management

NURS 301 Evidence Informed Nursing Practice

NURS 252 Pharmacology II

NURS 237 Foundations of Nursing III

NURS 253 Introductory Acute Care Nursing Practice II


Year 3
NURS 360 Community Nursing Through the Lifespan

NURS 363 Mental Health and Wellness in Nursing

NURS 361 Advanced Acute Care Nursing Practice I

NURS 362 Health Policy, Health Care Organizations, Change Management

NURS 364 Advanced Acute Care Nursing Practice II

NURS 365 Leadership in Nursing and Interprofessional Practice


Year 4 
NURS 422 Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Ethics & Law
NURS 425 Nursing Leadership in a Focus Area
NURS 485 Nursing Practice in a Focused Area

Transfer Features

University of Alberta (at off-campus RDC site)

You will apply to the University of Alberta for admission to Year 4 of the University of Alberta Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program with RDC as directed by the Nursing Department Staff. The University of Alberta will accept the completed first three years of the program as a block transfer. To be eligible to continue to fourth year, you must have completed all required 3rd year courses and have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.00.

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