Geophysics, Bachelor of Science

Bachelor's Degree

1 year at RDC - 3 years at U of A

Main Campus
Cost Per Year (approx.): 

$4,990.50 (tuition & fees) | $1,200 (books & materials)

Admission Requirements, Program Content: 
More Career Possibilities
Acoustics Physicist, Aero Dynamist, Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing, Aerospace Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Biomedical Technician, Computational Scientist, Communications Research Scientist, Drafting Personnel, Electronics Research Scientist, Geophysicist, Industrial Hygienist, Lithographer, Nuclear Physicist, Environmental Analyst, Environmental Health Specialist, Flight Management Analyst, Forensic Scientist, Geodesist, Geophysical Surveyor, Inertial Guidance Analyst, Laboratory Supervisor, Marine Geophysicist, Meteorologist, Navigation Equipment Specialist, Nuclear Power Plant Manager, Oceanographer, Photogrammeter, Physicist, Physiognomist, Process Control Specialist, Radiological Laboratory Director, Research Assistant, Research Scientist, Satellite Data Analyst, Seismologist, Stratigrapher
Contact Name: 
Dr. Nancy Brown
Contact Title: 
Associate Dean
Contact Phone: 
403.342.3400 OR 1.888.732.4630