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American Sign Language

American Sign Language


Communicate, engage and learn a new language at Red Deer College!  

Join our qualified Deaf instructors in our immersive “sound free” classes where you will learn the basics of this complex language using your hands, facial expressions, and body posture to engage in conversations. Classes are available for beginner and intermediate skill levels and are offered online via live virtual classroom where you can see and be seen by your instructors and peers.  

You Will Learn 

Each level of this program focuses on different aspects of conversation and signing. Multiple topics will be covered in each course, starting at the most basic level of introducing oneself and fingerspelling in American Sign Language 101, building up into the meaning behind conversations and focusing on the whole of the conversation, rather than individual signs in American Sign Language 202.  

Program Format  

This program introduces language in context and reinforces learning by engaging learners in various interactive activities. This conversational curriculum requires you to be an active learner and continue to work on your signing throughout the entire program. Classes have a no talking policy and are conducted in American Sign Language from the very first day. Our highly qualified instructors utilize learning tools such as gestures, signs, drawings and acting out of situations to encourage and support your learning. Participation in class is crucial to the success of every learner as this course is driven by conversation and interaction.  

Courses must be taken in order to ensure learners have the knowledge and understanding to continue on to the next level and get the most value out of each course.   

  • American Sign Language 101 

  • American Sign Language 102 

  • American Sign Language 103 

  • American Sign Language 201 

  • American Sign Language 202 


Immerse yourself in American Sign Language and expand your conversational range for social and workplace settings! 

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