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Engineering and Technologies

Are you creative, innovative and strong in math and sciences? Build on your potential by choosing a future as an Engineer or Engineering Technologist. Start your Engineering degree or complete your two-year Engineering Technology diploma in Electrical, Mechanical or Instrumentation.

An Engineering Degree is the starting point for a career that involves life-long learning gained through formal study and on-the-job experiences. As an Engineer, your duties may include the conception, design, development and formulation of new systems and products through the use of engineering systems. This is a broad and exciting career, with extensive future opportunities.

At RDC, you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from your expert instructors and your peers in areas such as the Student Design Competition, Student Science Conference and the Student Science and Engineering Society.

With an Engineering Technology diploma you would support engineering activities using technical skills and scientific knowledge. Your role in the engineering team is more in product development, manufacturing, product assurance, sales, and program management.

RDC Engineering Technology programs culminate with a Capstone course that encompasses all the skills learned throughout the year. These courses allow you to explore new topics and create connections with industry leaders in central Alberta.

Our Electrical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs are Technology Accreditation Canada national accredited programs at the technologist level. Learn more information about this accreditation.

At RDC, you will learn in an academically challenging environment filled with hands-on and applied learning opportunities. We offer new lab facilities, experienced instructors, industry experts and access to spaces such as RDC's Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing for hands-on learning.

Bachelor of Science - Engineering

Professional engineers apply principles of science and mathematics to solve real-world problems and achieve practical goals through innovation. This field requires a creative mind, scientific knowledge and powerful problem-solving skills. As a career choice, it is broad, rewarding and applicable to every part of society. 

Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma

As an Electrical Engineering Technologist, you will develop, implement and maintain a broad spectrum of electrical systems including the deployment and delivery of power and the control of electromechanical machines.

Instrumentation Engineering Technology Diploma

As an Instrumentation Engineering Technologist, you will foster skills in design, installation and maintenance of industrial control systems. Instrumentation control systems are used in a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma

Your Mechanical Engineering Technology training uses applied and theoretical approaches to learn engineering technology fundamentals and industry-focused topics such as automation, control, computer integrated manufacturing and reliability.

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