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Roger Davis, Ph.D

Humanities & Social Sciences


Roger Davis teaches and researches in the areas of in poetry, the historical survey of literature, Canadian Literature, folklore, cannibalism, and composition and writing. He has a background in contemporary poetry and poetics and has increasingly pursued research interests in monstrosity, particularly cannibals and zombies. He co-authors the textbook Essay Writing for Canadian Students with Laura K. Davis. He joined Red Deer College in 2011, after spending 10 years at MacEwan University in Edmonton. Since 2016, he volunteers annually as a facilitator at the Pacific Northwest Great Teaching Seminar in Portland, Oregon.


PhD (English) University of Calgary (2002)
MA (English) University of Victoria (1997)
BA (English & Philosophy) University of British Columbia (1994)

Main Areas of Teaching

Composition, Poetry and Poetics, Canadian Literature, History of Literature, Folklore, Cannibalism, Zombies.

Scholarly Activity

Selected Publications:

  • Davis, Roger, and Laura K. Davis. Essay Writing for Canadians Students: With Readings. 9th ed. Toronto: Pearson, 2019.
  • Davis, Roger. “‘Why Should It Be Us Who Die For You?’: Dystopian Reproduction in The Girl With All the Gifts.” Handmaids, Tributes, and Carers: Dystopian Females’ Roles and Goals. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. 18-35.
  • Davis, Roger. “Food for Thoughts: Thinking Through Cannibals and Plagiarists.” University of Toronto Quarterly 87.1 (2018): 176-195.
  • Davis, Roger, et al., eds. Re-Visiting Female Evil: Power, Purity and Desire. Leiden: Brill / Rodopi, 2017.
  • Davis, Roger, and Laura K. Davis. Essay Writing for Canadians Students: With Readings. 8th ed. Toronto: Pearson, 2015.
  • Baumgartner, Holly Lynn, and Roger Davis, eds. Hosting the Monster. New York: Rodopi, 2008.
  • Davis, Roger. "'a white illusion of a man': Snowman, Survival, and Speculation in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake." Hosting the Monster. Eds. Holly Lynn Baumgartner and Roger Davis. New York: Rodopi, 2008. 237-258.

Conference Presentations

  • Davis, Roger. “‘this writing around the edges of things’: Transhumanism, Annihilation, and Interdisciplinarity.” Representation in the Time of the Posthuman: Transhuman Enhancement in 21st Century Storytelling. 16th International Conference on Contemporary Narratives in English. Zaragoza, Spain. May 29-31, 2019.
  • Davis, Roger. “Help Yourself: Autophagy as Response to Global Crises.” “Bites Here and There”: Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism across Disciplines. Coventry, England. November 17, 2018.
  • Davis, Roger. “The Unthinkable Logic of Autophagy: from Cannibalism to Globalization.” The Logics of Persuasion: Between Anthropology and Rhetoric. Palermo, Italy. April 19-20, 2018.
  • Davis, Roger. “Cannibalism, Capitalism, and Mental Health.” Precarity, Populism and Post-Truth Politics. Cordoba, Spain. February 1-3, 2018.
  • Davis, Roger. “Autophagy: Science, Technology, Arts, Economics, Metaphor.” Asking Big Questions Again. Lucca, Italy. Nov. 23-25, 2017.
  • Davis, Roger. “Cannibal Transformed: Autophagy and Contemporary Film.” Transformers: All that Is Solid Changes into Something Else. Aveiro, Portugal. June 29-July 1, 2017.
  • Davis, Roger. “‘Saving a Dying Tribe?’ Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno.” Popular Culture Association Conference. San Diego, USA. April 12-15, 2017.
  • Davis, Roger. “Anti-Intellectualism and Cannibalism: From the Ivory Tower to The Green Inferno.” ICBTS Conference. Madrid, Spain. February 22-24, 2017.
  • Davis, Roger. “Imagined Monsters: Plagiarists and Cannibals.” Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture (BBEC). Timisoara, Romania. June 23-25, 2016.
  • Davis, Roger. “The Uncomfortable, Ugly Cannibal Plagiarism Monster.” Promises of Monsters Conference. Stavanger, Norway. April 28-29, 2016.
  • Davis, Roger. “Lying, Tigers, and Cannibals! Oh My!” West East Institute Conference. Barcelona, Spain. March 7-9, 2016.
  • Davis, Roger. “Plagiarism, Pedagogy, Professionalism: Ethics in Education.” Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture (BBEC). Timisoara, Romania. June 25-27, 2015.
  • Davis, Roger. “Terminus and Teleology: On the Road to Cannibalism in The Walking Dead.” Popular Culture Association Conference. New Orleans, USA. April 1-4, 2015.
  • Davis, Roger. “Venomous Vixen vs. Daddy Dexter: Gender, Poison, Psychopathy.” Evil, Women, and the Feminine Conference. Lisbon, Portugal. May 2-4, 2014.
  • Davis, Roger. “Legislative Distances: Lee Maracle’s ‘Dear Daddy’ and Bill C-31.” PAMLA Conference. San Diego, USA. Nov. 1-3, 2013.
  • Davis, Roger, et al. “Plagiarism and Pedagogy; Institutions and Integrity.” Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Victoria, BC. June 1-8, 2013.
  • Davis, Roger. “Erectile Stiffunction: The Walking Dead and The Fucking Living.” Popular Culture Association Conference. Chicago, USA. 11-14 April 2013.
  • Davis, Roger. “‘some far place of belonging’: Metis Movement in Margaret Laurence’s ‘The Loons.’” PAMLA Conference, Oct. 19-21, 2012. Seattle, USA.
  • Davis, Roger. “Dexter and Rape-Revenge.” Popular Culture Association Conference. New Orleans, USA. 11-14 April 2012.
  • Davis, Roger. “In the American G(r)ain: The 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference.” Back 2: An International Poetry Conference and Festival. Sopot, Poland. 17-22 May 2011.
  • Davis, Roger. “Educating Rita / Disciplining Dexter: Gender Difference as Serial Killing.” Evil, Women, and the Feminine. Warsaw, Poland. 13-15 May 2011.
  • Davis, Roger. “Academic Integrity ‘At Sea’: Navigating Law, Policy and Pedagogy in the Modern University.” Hellenistic Association for the Study of English (HASE). Athens, Greece. 5-8 May 2011.
  • Davis, Roger. “Cannibalism and Gender: From Fact to Fiction to Film.” Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association (PAMLA). Honolulu, HI. 12-14 November 2010.
  • Davis, Roger. “Aesthetics and Addiction: On Heather O’Neill’s Lullabies for Little Criminals.” ACCUTE. Montreal, QC. 27-31 May 2010.
  • Davis, Roger. “I, Monster: Lyric Subjectivity in Christian Bok’s Eunoia.” Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil. Oxford, England. 14-17 September 2009.
  • Davis, Roger. “From Cannibalism to Autophagy: Displacing Appetites in Film.” Popular Culture Association Conference. New Orleans, LA 8-11 April 2009.

Community Involvement

  • Facilitator. Pacific Northwest Great Teachers Seminar. Portland, OR. 2016-Pres.

Current Research

  • Roger Davis is currently researching the area of autophagy (or self-cannibalism)

Professional and/or RDC Leadership

  • Head of English (2016-17, 2018-20)
  • Member, Academic Policy Committee (2013-2017)

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