Agriculture, Bachelor of Science

Bachelor's Degree

1 year at RDC - 3 years at U of A or U of L

Main Campus
Cost Per Year (approx.): 

$4,990.50 (tuition & fees) | $1,200 (books & materials)

Admission Requirements, Program Content: 
More Career Possibilities
Researcher with Agriculture and Food Canada, Laboratory Technician, Integrated Pest Management, Agrologist, Grower for Restoration Seedlings, Inspector with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Greenhouse Owner/Operator, Ornamental Plant Grower, Horse Farrier/Trainer, Seed Trail Manager, Artificial Insemination Specialist, Forestry Researcher, Dairy Producer, Crop Specialist, Foreign Insect Pest Control, Entomological Researcher, Agricultural Chemist, Agricultural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Wildlife Biologist, Conservation Officer, Cell, Molecule, Insect or Plant Physiologist, Clinical Research Associate, Entomologist, Forensic Laboratory Technologist, Environmental Engineer, Marine Biologist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Health Officers Supervisor, Fisheries Analyst, Plant Anatomist, Organic Chemist, Park and Wildlife Naturalist, Toxicologist, Food Production Technologist, Soil Fertility Expert, Botanist, Zoologist, Biologist, Agronomist, Agrologyst, Animal Nutritionist
Contact Name: 
Dr. Nancy Brown
Contact Title: 
Associate Dean
Contact Phone: 
403.342.3400 OR 1.888.732.4630