Transitional Vocational Program

What is TVP?
The Transitional Vocational Program is a 10 month program that offers employment readiness and job skills training to adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Classroom instruction to learn employment and life skills
  • Small group discussion, videos, guest speakers, educational field trips
  • Workplace training within various Red Deer businesses
  • Regular contact and support within work experiences
  • Resume development, interview preparation, job search
  • Individualized goal setting and planning meetings
  • Overall guidance and support as required based on individual needs
  • Assistance with accessing program funding
Our mission within the Transitional Vocational Program is to encourage and help prepare our students in their pursuit of realistic life, education, and career goals.
Best Practice Statement
We teach/encourage employability and independence skill development for students with developmental disabilities.
We offer variety and flexibility in community-based work experiences.
We offer classroom instruction in topic areas which will complement workplace learning and encourage independent living skills.
We acknowledge the student as a "whole" person, assisting with relationships, social skill development, wellness and any other areas of concern.
"TVP helped our son gain confidence in himself and aided him in becoming the reliable worker and person that he is today."  
- Brenda and Greg Meachem, parents of Dallas - Graduate

For more details on the Transitional Vocational Program, go to the Programs & Courses information.  

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