Middle Years Program

A Foot in Two Worlds

Since 1996, RDC has offered a collaborative Bachelor of Education degree program with the University of Alberta. Our degree focuses on teaching young adolescents in grades 4 through 9.
The program is available to students who have completed either the first two years of B.Ed Elementary program or an approved degree.

In the Middle Years Education Program, you will:

  • Prepare to teach young adolescents in the middle years of schooling
  • Progress through this program with a small cohort of students
  • Earn a Bachelor of Education degree while living in or near Red Deer
  • Have two practicum experiences (5 weeks and 9 weeks), plus school-based course work
  • Take a full-time set program of courses, with an authentic, practical approach
  • Receive a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree, upon program completion, and an Alberta Interim Professional Teaching Certificate
  • Be highly sought after by school districts, due to the Middle Years teacher training 

Application for this program MUST be made directly to the University of Alberta

Questions to Consider:

The Middle Years Program is a very demanding, but rewarding experience. Think carefully and consider the following questions: affirmative responses suggest suitability to our program.
  • Do you enjoy working with young adolescents and desire to teach them? (Grades 4 - 9)
  • Do you have successful experiences working with young adolescents?
  • Have you had experience working on teams and do you like learning and completing work in this manner? (In contrast to working individually or always with the same people)
  • Are you passionate about lifelong learning and teaching?
  • Do you support a program that places emphasis on the development of interpersonal, leadership, and teamwork skills in addition to academic and technical skills?
  • Do you handle conflicts and stressful situations in a positive and proactive manner?
  • Are you willing to work and grow with a professional learning community of 40 diverse individuals over a two-year period?
  • Is your schedule flexible enough to allow for the demands of our program? (Two day retreats, student teaching, school visits, project work, evening classes, 3 hour classes, etc.)

The program includes the following courses:


EDES 301: Teaching in  Middle School
EDPS 310: Managing the Learning Environment
EDES 362: Language Arts
EDFX 325: Introductory Field Experience (5 week Practicum)
EDES 364: Phys-Ed
EDPY 303: Assessment
EDES 340: Active Curriculum
EDES 363: Math  
EDES 401: Language Arts II
EDPY 301: Inclusive Education
EDES 361: Arts
EDES 365: Science
EDES 366: Social Studies
EDES 440: Curriculum Integration
EDPS 410: Law and Ethics in Education
EDPS 445: Issues in the Middle Years
EDFX 425: Advanced Professional Term (9 week Practicum)


Criteria for WCB Coverage for Post-Secondary Students on Practicum Placement