eLearning Instructor Certificate Course Descriptions

INTR 400: Research and Reflective Practice 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Explore your personal beliefs about teaching and learning in higher education to evaluate your approaches to teaching and learning. You will have the opportunity to discuss relevant evidence from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in order to create a learner-centred classroom and examine educational theories related to adult and higher educational contexts.

INTR 401: Quality Course Design 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Hook your students from the moment they step into your course – whether online or face-to-face! Quality course design can make or break your students’ learning experience and your teaching experience. Join us as we explore how to design a quality learning experience that is matched to your audience and their learning needs. Dive into the key topics that will make your course design a success!

INTR 402: Assessment and Evaluation 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Assessments and evaluations are key tools in determining if your learners are understanding the material you present.  In this course you will appraise and practice classroom assessment techniques, further develop your knowledge of rubrics, Universal Design, online assessment and course assessment.  You will also have the opportunity to explore the role of metacognition and self-reflection practice in the assessment process. 

ELRN 400: Contexts of Online Education 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Explore the models of online delivery, theories of flexibility, and access to create an engaging online learning environment.  Discover theories, trends and the history of online education in Canada and internationally.

ELRN 401: Creating Community Asynchronously 
5 weeks | 3 credits

How do we create an asynchronous learning environment that engages learners and feels welcoming?  This is one of the main goals strived for in online instruction.  By creating an online presence and utilizing tools, such as Storytelling and videos, you will be able to create an online environment that excites, engages and welcomes learners in your course.

ELRN 402: Synchronous Teaching and Tools 
5 weeks | 3 credits

The virtual classroom is a remarkable educational technology that allows us to engage the 21st century learner from anywhere! Compare and contrast synchronous learning tools to create different learning environments, explore synchronous instruction using breakout groups, shared desktops and collaboration tools to excite your learners.

ELRN 403: Gamification: Engaged Learning 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Motivate and engage your learners from the very beginning by utilizing gamification.  Discover the psychology of motivation and the benefits of gamification in an educational setting through guest speakers, discussions and readings.  Understand the difference between games, gamification and game-based learning and how gamifying your class can add many benefits.

ELRN 404: Research Integration Capstone 
5 weeks | 6 credits

Bring together everything you have learned and select a topic for your final capstone project that is meaningful to you.  In this self-directed course you will examine and critically assess trends and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning for effective implementation.  You will have the opportunity to identify a problem of practice and develop a research based project to address this problem.