Educational Assistant

93% of our students are satisfied with our program! Average hourly salary is $22.19/hr

We are a community dedicated to promoting the skills, knowledge and attitudes our students need to be positive, effective, and competent assistants in the field of education.

The Educational Assistant Program at RDC offers a one year EA Certificate through on-campus and distance learning classes. Students may enroll for full-time or part-time study.

You Will:

  • Learn a wide range of interpersonal and practical skills;
  • Have the skills, knowledge and attitude you need to be a positive, effective and competent educational assistant;
  • Have the skills to prepare you to assist teachers with both instructional and non-instructional tasks.

We Will:

  • Respect individual differences, strengths, and gifts;
  • Promote a sense of joy and encouragement in the learning process;
  • Celebrate integrity, courage, and innovation;
  • Foster inclusive learning environments;
  • Live what we teach.


Criteria for WCB Coverage for Post-Secondary Students on Practicum Placement