Adult and Higher Education Instructor Certificate Course Descriptions

INTR 400: Research and Reflective Practice
5 weeks | 3 credits

Explore your personal beliefs about teaching and learning in higher education to evaluate your approaches to teaching and learning. You will have the opportunity to discuss relevant evidence from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in order to create a learner-centred classroom and examine educational theories related to adult and higher educational contexts.

INTR 401: Quality Course Design 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Hook your students from the moment they step into your course – whether online or face-to-face! Quality course design can make or break your students’ learning experience and your teaching experience. Join us as we explore how to design a quality learning experience that is matched to your audience and their learning needs. Dive into the key topics that will make your course design a success!

INTR 402: Assessment and Evaluation 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Assessments and evaluations are key tools in determining if your learners are understanding the material you present.  In this course you will appraise and practice classroom assessment techniques, further develop your knowledge of rubrics, Universal Design, online assessment and course assessment.  You will also have the opportunity to explore the role of metacognition and self-reflection practice in the assessment process. 

ADHE 400: Technology Enhanced Learning 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Use technology to the fullest and create an interactive learning environment that will have your students excited to learn!  By introducing tools and technologies that enable and inspire communication and collaboration you will have learners ready and excited to participate.  Explore emerging tools and web technologies and how to incorporate them across the curriculum to enable learning.

ADHE 401: Indigenization: Educational Contexts 
5 weeks | 3 credits

How do we incorporate the Calls to Action, Truth and Reconciliation Report into our courses and ways of instructing?  Through examination of the residential school experience of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous pedagogy and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples you will gain further understanding of this important piece of education.  You will also explore contemporary and historically significant documents that influence adult and higher educational contexts.

ADHE 402: Learner-Centred Education 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Create a learner-centred environment that will enable your students to excel!  Explore the concepts of power-sharing, student responsibility for learning, metacognition, motivation and student engagement, while examining current trends in the theory and practice of creating a learner-centred classroom.

ADHE 403: Inclusive Education 
5 weeks | 3 credits

Learners within our courses are becoming more and more diverse.  Explore the concept of inclusive education to better meet the needs of your students.   We will examine trends emerging in adult and higher education relating to student demographics and supports for diverse populations, including Indigenous, LGBTQ+, English Language Learners (ELL), and learners with disabilities.

ADHE 404: Research Integration Capstone 
5 weeks | 6 credits

Bring together everything you have learned and select a topic for your final capstone project that is meaningful to you.  In this self-directed course you will examine and critically assess trends and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning for effective implementation.  You will have the opportunity to identify a problem of practice and develop a research based project to address this problem.