Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film, Theatre and Live Entertainment

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Your Story. Your Opportunity. 

Built on a foundation of communication, storytelling, directing and business/entrepreneurial skills, this new four-year program offers you the choice of three majors: Acting, Film Production or Live Entertainment Production. Leveraging our unique blend of RDC School of Creative Arts programming, students will engage in traditional artistic experiences and build upon those a strong technical, conceptual and creative skillset preparing graduates for current industry demands. As you progress through the program, you will take a combination of required courses and electives that allows you to focus on different areas of interest.

Collaborate with other creative artists

Throughout the program, you will work regularly with students from the other majors in shared courses, projects and assignments, and are given the opportunity to apply their learning through projects, live theatre productions and short films. You will also have scheduled time to work collaboratively on projects with other students in the School of Creative Arts.

Learn from professional, hands-on instruction

You will learn from professionally practicing artists, all of whom have experienced successful careers within the creative industry. You will be well prepared to work in an established industry or to create your own business opportunities, adding to the film, theatre and live entertainment industry presence in central Alberta.

Put your skills into practice

During the fourth year of the program you will gain industry related work experience or be guided and supported by faculty and industry experts in the creation of your own projects, allowing you to transition into the workforce. As a graduate of the program you will be well prepared for entry-level jobs in a range of industry-related fields. The inclusion of business courses ensures that you also possess the skills and attributes to collaborate with others in the creative arts to develop independent projects that serve the film, theatre and live entertainment needs of provincial industry.

Choose your own unique breadth of experiences

Throughout the program you will take a number of creative arts electives and non-creative arts electives to add breadth to your experience. These may include courses from the other film, theatre and live entertainment majors, or courses in studio art, film history, business, psychology, history, and more.

Why RDC?

  • RDC has more than 40 years of experience offering programs in theatre creation and production, and more than 15 years of experience offering a program in film acting and production.
  • Learn in some of the best facilities in western Canada including a 100 seat cinema, three live entertainment venues, a sound stage, full editing suite, costume shop, scene shop, audio mixing studio and much more!
  • In addition to being highly trained and dedicated educators, all of our faculty are professionally accomplished artists.
  • RDC is the only public post-secondary institution in the province to offer a fully integrated film, theatre and live entertainment degree. We are also the only public or private post-secondary institution that offers extensive interdisciplinary opportunities.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 60% in ELA 30-1 and a minimum 50% in a Group A, B, or C course (a 30-level Fine Arts course is recommended)
  • To be accepted in the Acting major, a student must have a successful audition and interview
  • To be accepted in the Film Production or Live Entertainment Production majors, a student must have a successful interview.