Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Start Your Journey at RDC

RDC’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering transfer program provides students with the opportunity to complete one year of studies at the College, followed by three years at another post-secondary institution. RDC has a specific transfer agreement in place with the University of Alberta, and students are able to transfer to many other institutions by prearranging transfer with the post-secondary of their choice.

For complete details on the Bachelor of Science in Engineering entrance requirements, fees, program content, and more, see the RDC Academic Calendar.

Arts and Sciences Advising has additional information on transferring to another institution, as well as Academic Planning Guides and advising contact information.

Transition into a Successful Career

An Engineering Degree is the starting point for a career that involves life-long learning gained through formal study and on-the-job experiences. Employment in the engineering sector requires varying levels of responsibility, depending on the skills and the experience of the individuals involved. Engineering is a broad and exciting career, with extensive future opportunities.

Engineering students may specialize in areas such as:

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
Enjoy Applied Learning Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in Engineering students learn in an academically challenging environment filled with hands-on and applied learning opportunities. You will opportunity to connect with and learn from your expert instructors and your peers in areas such as the Student Design CompetitionStudent Science Conference, and Student Science and Engineering Society.

Arts and Sciences News & Events

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