Bachelor of Arts

From Here You Can Go Anywhere

A Bachelor of Arts degree is your springboard to a future filled with possibilities. When you pursue this path, you will develop a strong knowledge base, as well as research and writing skills specific to your chosen discipline. You will have the skills to communicate and problem-solve effectively, combined with leadership skills and the ability to learn new things – all essential components that will allow you to adapt to an ever-changing workforce.

Start Your Journey at RDC

Bachelor of Arts students learn in an academically challenging, yet supportive environment. Students have an opportunity to connect with peers and learn from expert instructors.

If you already know the program you want to pursue or if you are exploring your options, the Arts and Sciences Advising team can help you develop a plan to achieve your goals. Psychology and Sociology students taking the University of Calgary Bachelor of Arts Collaborative Degree can complete their programs entirely at RDC. Other students in Bachelor of Arts degree programs may take one to two years of study at Red Deer College and then transfer to another institution. 

Current high school students can also take courses through the RDC JumpStart! program, an opportunity to enroll in university-level courses that will count for credit towards RDC and RDC degree transfer programs.

Choose Your Discipline

When you begin your Bachelor of Arts program at Red Deer College, you can select from different disciplines including:

Anthropology – the study of humankind and its culture in the past, present, and future
Communications Studies – comprehensive learning about media studies and new media technologies, as well as written and interpersonal communications 
Economics – a unique blend of intuitive reasoning, scientific analysis, and knowledge of society to understand and evaluate economic decisions
English - the study of language, literature, and literary theory
History – the study and analysis of the past to create an accessible narrative and critical analysis for the present
Philosophy – the most ancient academic discipline, where students use reasoning to develop proficient analysis of arguments and positions
Political Science – the analysis of politics, government, and quests for human betterment
Psychology* – the study of human and animal behaviour and mental processes
Sociology* – the study of processes and organization of society

*  Students taking Psychology and Sociology can complete their programs entirely at RDC through the University of Calgary Bachelor of Arts Collaborative Degree.

Additional Opportunities

Beyond the classroom, RDC students in Bachelor of Arts programs have the opportunity to gain real-world academic experience by preparing and presenting projects at the annual Student Conference. Red Deer College also offers a wide variety of Student Life opportunities to help provide a balanced college experience, and the community of Red Deer has extensive events, cultural activities and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. 

Plan for Your Future Career

Bachelor of Arts graduates are positioned for extensive career options, which may include everything from politics to government work, research services to community development. To learn more about the types of careers you could have with a specific degree or diploma, visit RDC's Career Services, which lists over 50 different options for your information. 

Graduates may choose to continue on to post-graduate work in areas including law, education, commerce, Masters degrees for professions such as psychology/counselling, speech pathology, or occupational therapy, or Masters and Ph.D. in their areas of specialization.


Arts and Sciences News & Events

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