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“I chose RDC because of the strong focus on teaching as well as the opportunity to earn an honours degree. I was able to establish strong relationships with my instructors.”
-Diana Samu-Visser

English is the study of language, literature, and literary theory. We chat, browse, and scribble words every day, taking language for granted. It is not until we read a good book that we realize how powerful words are in our world. Literature makes us stop and think. It turns a good book into a good debate. If you ask questions about plot, theme, and character, you are asking questions about the world, because literature imitates life. It also rewrites life. Words have the power to change ideas, not just record them. Have you ever wondered about the motive behind meanings ”“ what purpose a newspaper headline or a television commercial serves? What you would learn from analyzing literature can be applied to other uses of signs or words ”“ from the special effects in the latest blockbuster movie to the small print on a car loan payment.

The study of English develops the skills you require in the workplace: creative problem solving, accurate research, persuasive writing, and confident public speaking. It leads to such jobs as consulting, advertising, and teaching. Graduates may also go on to further professional or graduate studies to pursue a specific area of interest such as journalism, law, or finance. Graduate work (masters or doctorate) is also required to teach at post-secondary institutions.

Employers need people who are good readers, clear thinkers, and strong writers. Graduate with your B.A. degree in English and enjoy a lifetime of good books and employment opportunities.
The English major at RDC provides a strong foundation for two-year transfer to a degree program at any major university. 

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