2018 Innovation Challenge Winners

Date posted: 
Thu, 05/03/2018


On Friday, April 27, RDC students presented their designs to a panel of faculty judges for the 2018 Innovation Challenge.This year's themes included Assisted Living technologies, and “Make it Green”, or “Up-cycling" technology. Competing for individual cash prizes up to $1000.00, students discussed and answered questions on their projects. The first place prize went to Matthew Michnik, Amber Carson, Nicolas VanBavel, and Autumn Rogers (all Bachelor of Science students, except for Rogers, who is a Bachelor of Arts student) for their invention of a clamped garbage bag holder, which they developed to increase the efficiency of environmental clean-up. The holder features a specially designed clamp, which holds the bag open even in windy conditions, and also allows for two bags (one for garbage, the other for recycling) to be held open at the same time. Second prize went to Engineering Technology Diploma students Carson West and Zaron Gibson, for their artificial skylight concept, which uses a solar-powered camera system that is wirelessly connected to a T.V. monitor to create the illusion of a skyscape. Third prize was awarded to Bachelor of Science Engineering students, Lucas Wessner and Thomas Thatcher, whose project focused on improving current aquaponics systems by using a more environmentally conscientious bio-dome.

The purpose of the Innovation Challenge is to foster interdisciplinary relationships amongst RDC students, and to showcase the resources of RDC’s Makerspace and its Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing. The challenge enables students to work with their peers to design (and possibly create) a prototype that can solve a real-world problem.

Congratulations to the winners for their exciting scientific and technological innovations!