Transfer Information

Students who are in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science programs will typically take one or two years of courses at Red Deer College.

However, students who are taking the University of Calgary Bachelor of Arts Collaborative Degree can complete this program entirely at Red Deer College. It is important to note that these three- and four-year degree options are offered in collaboration with the University of Calgary, so students are still required to undertake the process of transferring to another institution, but they will take all of their courses at Red Deer College.

Other students may choose to begin their programs at RDC and then transfer to the institution of their choice to complete their degrees. Examples of transfer institutions may include but are not limited to:

University of Calgary
University of Alberta
University of Lethbridge
Other institutions that students may choose

If you are transferring to another post-secondary institution, you will need to become familiar with the university that you will be transferring to: learn about the program you are planning to take and identify what courses you will need to take at Red Deer College to help you achieve your goals.

Planning for a Seamless Transfer

Red Deer College has developed Academic Planning Guides, which are essential tools to help you plan what courses to take so you can transfer to another institution. These guides provide schedules for the recommended courses you will need to take during your first one or two years at Red Deer College.

Please note that Academic Planning Guides are updated yearly, so it is recommended that you refer to the Red Deer College website for the most up-to-date information.