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Academic Calendar


Please note the Academic Calendar information displayed in subsequent pages is for the 2021-2021 academic year. 

Within RDC's Academic Calendar, you can view:

The web version is now the official Academic Calendar of Red Deer College. The Calendar and Timetable set forth the intention of the College, at the time of publication, with respect to all matters contained therein.

Details contained in each of the programs listed within RDC's Programs are also considered a part of RDC's official Academic Calendar. You may also be interested to learn more about how to apply and register at RDC.

The College reserves the right, at any time, to make whatever changes are necessary, including the cancellation of particular courses, in order to serve the best interests of the College, or because of circumstances or occurrences beyond the College's control. The College expressly denies responsibility or liability to any person or persons who may suffer loss or who may be otherwise adversely affected by such.

RDC gives fair consideration to all who apply for admission. Each program has specific admission requirements approved by Academic Council.

Should you require previous years of Red Deer College's Academic Calendars, visit our archives.

For further information, contact:

Office of the Registrar
Phone: 403.342.3400
Toll-free: 1.888.732.4630
Email: admissions [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca


Within our Arts programs, we encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and differing points of views. Global citizenship and innovation are fostered in an environment committed to diversity, inclusion and a healthy, respectful culture. We welcome new insights and focus on making connections with faculty, peers and the greater community.


Red Deer College's Donald School of Business understands that students want to graduate with the skills to market themselves as employable right away. We offer our students many facets of business in our programs so you are exposed to as much as possible while you're here. We care about our students...a lot! 

Continuing Education

Red Deer College's School of Continuing Education offers something for everyone: professional development, general interest courses, trades and industry training, online learning and beyond.

Creative Arts

Red Deer College Creative Arts programs offer student artists the opportunity to learn in professionally equipped studios and performance spaces, while working with faculty who are both dedicated educators and professionally accomplished artists. All Red Deer College Creative Arts programs offer hands-on skills and real-world business training.


Our Education programs at Red Deer College foster leadership and collaboration enabling learners to develop a foundation of knowledge and skills for meaningful engagement in their communities. Engaged learners enhance our communities. 

Engineering and Technologies

Are you creative, innovative and strong in math and sciences? Build on your potential by choosing a future as an Engineer or Engineering Technologist.

Health Sciences

Health Science programs at Red Deer College are among the foremost leaders in health and wellness in Alberta. The programs offer innovative approaches to learning that include extensive practical experience that will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to meet industry demand.

Other Studies

Red Deer College is proud to offer a variety of programs in many different subject areas that allow our students to create a path to their next steps in their educational journey and success in their chosen careers. 


In Red Deer College's Science programs, we encourage curiosity and push the boundaries of innovation. We take bold steps through focused studies and apply scientific knowledge to the real world. We believe the connection between higher learning and practical application is crucial for every students’ success. In our science programs we understand the importance of proving hypotheses and producing concrete results.


Many trades are highly technical and are continuously evolving, providing students with the right kind of challenge. RDC's trades Apprenticeship programs offer a mix of theory and practical application, which help you develop appropriate industry-standard skills. A trades career can lead to supervision, management, professions and business entrepreneurship.

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Toll-free: 1.888.732.4630

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