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What if I forget to submit the Annual Status Report?

The Annual Status Report is due by June 30 of the academic year in which your project was approved. You may submit your Report as soon as your project is complete if it earlier than this date.  The REB Chair will send out the first reminder near the end of April; second reminder end of May; third and final reminder near the end of June.  If an Annual Status Report is not submitted, the REB is mandated to report cases of failure to comply with the provisions of the RDC ethics policy to the President (or designate) at RDC.  Disciplinary action may be requested: e.g., a cease order on any data collection, holds placed on any new ethics application, etc.  In the case of external researchers, a letter will be sent to the researcher’s institution’s research office alerting them of the non-compliance with RDC policy.

If you indicate that your project is still ongoing and will continue into the next academic year, you will receive a request to submit a new Annual Status Report the following year.

Instructors with approved Course-Based Student Projects do not have submit an Annual Status Report to the REB.

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