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What if my research plan changes?

Consult with the Chair of the REB as soon as possible regarding any changes to your research protocol.  If the changes affect ethical standards, you will have to reapply for ethical approval.

If the changes are not so significant as to impact on the ethical protocol, you may only need to submit documentation of the changes made; if the changes are significant enough to require not previously outlined ethical protocols, you will be required to submit a new ethics application.  It is best to consult with the REB prior to any changes.  

Examples of changes that typically do not warrant a new application could include: revising the wording of questions in a survey; adding questions of generally the same focus to an interview guide; expanding the number of participants to recruit; or deleting questions from the research instrument.

Examples of changes that might not warrant a new application, but which might require an addendum to your original application to account for some new procedures, could include: adding an online delivery component; expanding participant recruitment to include people/groups not previously described; or adding questions of a very different focus to an interview guide.

Examples of changes that will necessitate a new application could include: introducing a new research instrument; or expanding participant recruitment to include people or groups who were not in the original research design and for which specific protocols  exist for inclusion in research (e.g. Aboriginals, children, people who cannot voluntarily consent, people with whom the researcher has a relationship (e.g. teacher-student).

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