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If you are a current RDC student using Testing Services, you should find relevant information on this page.

Apprenticeship Students

Apprenticeship students in CBAT programs write their supervised exams in Testing Services. These exams are competency-based; when you are ready to write a test, you will simply come up to the information desk in the Nova Chemicals Learning Common during testing hours. No appointment is necessary.

Note: the NCLC information desk is also where students can sign out laptops, get keys for short-term locker rentals, access code books etc. If you need help or supplies, don’t be afraid to ask the desk staff!

Students with Accommodations

Accommodated exams allow alterations in how an exam is administered in order to make test-writing environments more accessible to more people, including persons with disabilities.

The term “disability” encompasses a wide range of conditions, from physical disabilities to invisible disabilities, and can include:

  • Temporary medical conditions (broken limbs, concussion, or surgery)
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental health issues
  • Addictions
  • Learning disabilities

The most commonly used exam accommodations are:

  • extra time to write your test
  • a private exam space
  • use of assistive technology (such as Kurzweil, Dragon or Read & Write Gold)
  • access to spell/grammar checkers
  • exam spacing & rescheduling as per approved accommodations.

Students with approved accommodations will find the necessary space, supports and technologies required to accommodate their testing needs.

To book an accommodated exam, please log-in to your Access+ Student Portal and click on the Schedule a Test or Exam icon. You may click here to navigate to the Access+ Student Portal.

If you are unsure how to determine whether you need exam accommodations, please see Disability Resources.

Off-Campus Testing

RDC students in Flexible Learning programs frequently need to arrange their own exams. You will need to choose an appropriate exam location and find a qualified invigilator (you can find guidelines on making these choices here).

Once you have selected an appropriate invigilator, you will need to fill out the Off Campus Invigilator Form. Once our office has verified your choice of invigilator and location, they will communicate with your invigilator to set up the test and distribute testing materials.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Flexible Learning office: flexible [dot] learning [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca | 403.357.3664

If you are a student at another post-secondary institution and wish to write exams at the RDC Test Centre, you will find the necessary information on the External Testing Services page.

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