Residence Online Payment Plan

Online Payment Plan Steps

Red Deer College has a new online system that allows you to set up an online payment plan to pay your rent with a credit card on the first of each month.  This system will automatically process your card, so you do not need to make arrangements to pay it in person in the Residence Office. This must be set up before the 25th day of the month before you move in.



1.       Log into your RDC Loop account 

2.       Click on the Money Matters tab (located on the right side of the screen navigation) - This will bring up  the money matter page with a My Account Section. Here it will show you your account balance for all terms. 

3.       Click on Miscellaneous Charges 2018/19

4.       Scroll down

5.       Click on ebill + epayment

6.       This will open up a new window where you will click on the Payment Plan  tab

7.       Click Enroll Now

8.       Select 201970 Misc. Charges

9.       Click View

10.      Residence 8 Months ( Residence 7 Months - Please Refer to your Payment Options email if you are required to select this option)

11.     Click Select

12.     Click Continue

13.     Click on Display Payment Schedule to confirm each month is the right rate

                13.1        If any of the amounts don’t look right, hit cancel

14.     Click Process Enrollment

15.     Enter your Payment information

16.     Double check the installments show the correct amount for your rent each month

17.     Scroll down and click I agree

18.      Click Continue

19.      You will receive a message that says “Your enrollment was processed successfully”