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What to Bring / What Not to Bring

When preparing to live in Residence, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

What to Bring:

  • Even though the units are fully furnished, you still need to bring any personal items that you want or need.
  • You will need to bring: towels, linens and bedding. The mattresses are single Twin XL (39"x80").
  • You will also need to supply your own dishes, cookware, microwaves and other small kitchen appliances.
  • Other than a vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies are not provided. You will need a mop, bucket, garbage bags and any other cleaning supplies. Garbage cans are provided.
  • Some handy things to remember are: hangers, extension cords, powerbars, a phone, desk lamp and washroom supplies.
  • TV for streaming your favourite online TV and Movies
  • Bring entertainment for yourself and your roommates (i.e. movies, music, etc.)

What Not to Bring:

  • Dangerous and hazardous items can not be brought onto campus. Anyone found to be in possession of such items will be evicted from Residence. Weapons of any kind are not allowed in Residence, including but not limited to, paint ball guns, air/pellet guns, knives and swords. In addition, motor bikes, propane tanks and accelerants cannot be kept inside the unit.
  • For health reasons, pets are not permitted in Residence. Anyone found to be in possession of an animal in Residence will be asked to remove the animal and will face disciplinary action. Fish in tanks of 10 litres or less ARE allowed.
  • Only tacks and pins may be used for hanging posters and pictures. Please do not use nails or screws to hang pictures or other items on the unit walls. Also, do not use any type of adhesive material to hang things on the walls.
  • Non-prescription drugs classified as illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada are not permitted in Residence or on campus grounds. Anyone found to be in possession of, distributing, selling or using such substances will be subject to legal action and immediate eviction from Residence. We reserve the right to confiscate any illegal substances.
  • Outside furniture such as couches, chairs and other furniture. To help provide a safe and healthy community these type of belongings are not permitted as they may be home to pests such as bed bugs. 

Move-In Day 2019/20

The residence move-in days are scheduled based on Residence area*. You must come into the Residence Office between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to sign your lease, pay your rent and pick up your keys. You can move into your unit any time after your paperwork is complete. If you plan to move in later than September 3 please notify our office.

Please see your move-in package email for details on your assigned move-in date. 

*In order to assist in a seamless move-in process, it is required  that you come on your assigned day.  Choosing to disregard your specific move-in day will impact your move in process including significantly increased wait times for yourself and for the other students.*