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FAQs - Family and Friends

What to Expect

If a tenant has a maintenance request there are multiple avenues to bring this to our attention. We ask that all issues are brought to a Residence Staff members attention as soon as possible so that we may deal with the issue before it gets worse

 Maintenance requests can occur by:

o   Phoning the Residence Office 403.342.3257

o   Online

o   Or in person

Throughout the year, we expect that all tenants will keep their unit/bedroom in a clean and livable condition. We maintain a housekeeping staff to clean our common buildings throughout the year. If a unit is found to be constantly in a state below our standards during our House Checks which occur twice a semester housekeeping may be brought into the unit to bring it up to Residence standards.

In each unit, we do provide a vacuum cleaner for the tenants use during their stay. 

Residence Administration

Residence Staff are here to make living in Residence a breeze for our tenants. Located in the Residence Administration Building at RDC Residence Staff are here to provide top level service to all current and future tenants! Residence Staff can help with a variety of services including: package pick-up, Residence payments, roommate conflict mediation, and maintenance requests.

Resident Attendants (RAs)

Resident Attendants are student-staff members who currently live in Residence. They are here to act as a point-of-contact and support person for all the tenants currently in Residence. RAs are each responsible for tenants that live in their area. The Residence Life program is here to help make the transition to college life an easy one. With weekly events, bi-monthly grocery runs, and a variety of other incentives the tenant will have a ton to do and pick from during their stay in Residence. RAs are also able to help with any potential roommate conflicts, noise complaints, lockouts, or general questions about campus resources. We have (3) on call RAs at all times outside of office hours for the safety of all our tenants.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The RLC is responsible for community engagement, supervision of the RAs and to help tenants with any issues they may have here on campus. The RLC is able to provide assistance to help facilitate conflict resolutions, provide guidance throughout the year on a variety of matters within the RDC Community. 

Here at RDC we are happy to say that almost every utility is included in the rental rates for each student. Once living here in Residence each tenant will receive  Wireless internet in each bedroom on campus. Cable Television is available in our residence common spaces such as Towers Common or Blocks Common. There is no additional charge for the internet. If a student wishes to have a landline installed in their personal room they may do so after checking into Residence. 

Campus Security is on duty 24 hours per day and is available to support students, staff and visitors.   Inquiries can be made by telephone, email or in person around the clock. The Security Centre desk is located at the main entrance of the campus.

t:  403.342.3445 (Non-Emergency) | 403.343.4000 (Emergency)

All security personnel are trained in first aid and CPR and are recognized as first responders for minor medical aid.   Security also provides a first point of contact for a number of campus functions including

  • Campus directions and way finding
  • Lost and found
  • 24 Hour Safewalk
  • Building access (key issues)
  • Personal safety & security
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Parking enforcement
  • Providing Residence assistance with Lockouts, noise complaints, dealing with other violations of the Residence Behavioural Standards, etc…

RDC Residence is proud of the diversity that we have within our community. We are made up of a variety of unit styles to meet almost any need of our students in the Residence. Our Residence is comprised of predominately Four bedroom units with a variety of floor plans. We additionally have units specifically for students with accessibility issues or small Two Bedroom or Bachelor style units.

Unit Types – View Our Residence Tab online for pictures, virtual walkthroughs and more information.

  • 4 Bedroom Blocks
  • 4 Bedroom Clusters
  • 4 Bedroom Towers
  • 2 Bedroom Clusters
  • Bachelor Unit
  • 2 Bedroom Barrier Free

Welcome to Red Deer College Residences! This online-FAQhas been created for the friends and family of our students. We hope that you will use this handbook to answer questions you may have, as well as to direct your friends or family members to appropriate resources if they direct their questions your way first. Please don’t be afraid to contact us, here at the Residence Administration offices, if questions arise that any of our online resources cannot answer. The students living in Residence at Red Deer College deserve every support possible on their journey. Our students are everything to us, and as much as we ‘have their back’ we appreciate that you do as well. Thank you in advance!

- Tim Siemens, Residence Manager


Preparing for Move-In

Students in their move-in packages will receive a link to an online viewable sample Rental Agreement. This actual Rental Agreement will be completed and signed in person during the Residence Move-In. 

While all of the units are fully furnished you will still need to bring any personal items that you may want or need. This includes:


•      towels, linens and bedding (the mattresses are singles - 39” x 80”)

•      hangers

•      extension cords

•      television/computer and accessories

•      alarm clock

•      garbage can and bags

Unit (your student may want to coordinate with their roommates before move-in)

•      dishes, cookware and utensils

•      microwave and other small appliances

•      cleaning supplies, mop, bucket and broom

•      garbage bags and garbage cans (garbage can provided in the kitchen)

•      television (for the living room)

•      toilet paper

Students are strongly advised to obtain a tenants and general liability insurance during their stay at RDC Residence. This insurance would protect against loss or damage due to fire, flood, theft and other perils. Red Deer College assumes no responsibility for any damages to property or injury of person whatever the cause. Your home insurance policy may cover the student already under your plan. 

  • Students will receive detailed payment information in their summer Move-In packages.
  • Students will be able to pay their rent and fees through an online Residence Portal or in person. Rent is based on term fees and due prior to check-in. First term (Fall) is due by move-in and Winter is due by the first day of Winter Term classes. 

Keeping in Touch

Residence staff can provide you with general information on policies, procedures and operations here at RDC Residence throughout the year. We are not able to provide information about the students or tenants within our Residence. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP) applies to all college operations.

Residence Staff are unable to provide any information on any student file or account to third parties (parents or guardians) for students/tenants that are of the age of majority. This includes information on unit or room numbers, account balances, phone numbers, conduct history, etc… This information is all considered private and cannot be released without the tenants written permission.

We value the relationship that we have with the family and friends of any tenant here on campus. While we may be limited in what information we can share or discuss we want to help you as much as possible to ensure that your student has a great year!

Ensure that you have specific contact information for your student before you leave on Move-In Day, as you will not be able to contact your student through Residence. If you are coming to visit your student, please ensure that you know how to contact them before you arrive, as we will not be able to contact your student for you. We recommend setting up a communication routine or schedule with your student. Try using email or texting to touch base as your student may be too busy to respond to telephone calls.

Student mail will be sorted at Residence Administration and placed in each students personal mailbox on campus. Please note that we are not able to release unit or bedroom numbers for any students on campus for their privacy and protection. 

Student Mailing Address

Student Name


Box 5111, Red Deer, AB, T4N 6P6


Preparing for Move-Out

o   All tenants will receive a move-out package when they provide their notice to vacate or at the end of the Rental Agreement. This usually occurs in the month of April. This move out package will include a cleaning responsibilities sheet, quick tips for cleaning, and a permanent address and reference form.

o   Tenants are not required to give notice if they move out at any point in the month of April. Rent will not be prorated or refunded for early move-outs.

o   All tenants are expected to clean an equal share of the unit upon move-out even if there are tenants still in the unit.

o   If a tenant does not sign up for an equal share of the unit they will be assigned to a share of the unit by Residence Staff. 

Notice to Vacate

  •  As per the Rental Agreement a Notice to Vacate must be completed if a tenant wishes to terminate their Rental Agreement before their agreed upon end date.
  • Notice to Vacate forms must be completed in the Residence Administration building with a Residence Staff member.
  • There will be a $150 early termination penalty applied to the student account as per the Rental Agreement.
  • Notice must be received (1) calendar month prior to termination. This is on or before noon on the first of the month prior. 

Important Dates

Academic Year (Sept-April)

October 1st: Applications open for the following academic year. All current tenants that want to live here the year after must reapply at this point.

January: First Round of Acceptances for the following year term. All current tenants that have applied will receive a link in their email to transfer deposit to the next academic year.

February 1st: Spring/Summer Applications Open. All current tenants that want to stay over the spring/summer terms must apply for Residence at this point.

March: Second Round of Acceptances

April 30th: Last day of Rental Agreement