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FAQs - Residence

Stop into the Office in Residence, email us at rdc [dot] residence [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca or phone us at 403.342.3257.

YES! Just remember to meet new people and have fun. This may be the only time you will ever live so close to so many of your friends!!

Yes we allow candles, but please use common sense when using them. Someone MUST be present at all times when a candle is burning in your unit. Also, all candles must be in non-combustible containers and away from flammable material. Candles MUST be firmly placed in a non-tip container designed to catch all wax drippings. Unsafe use of candles, incense, etc. will result in disciplinary action.

The College recognizes the student's need for privacy and will only enter a unit in specific situations:

  •     To perform maintenance work following a work order
  •     When a Residence Staff member has reason to believe that a Residence rule or regulation has been breached
  •     To do house checks of the main apartment area
  •     To assess the unit for cleaning and maintenance requirements when another student has moved out
  •     To deliver urgent notices or information

If access is required to a unit for other reasons, the Residence Office will attempt to give appropriate advance notice.

We suggest that you do not. The furniture has been strategically located within the bedrooms. If your moving of the furniture results in any damage to the bedroom, or furniture, you will be held financially responsible for the repairs. Additionally, all RDC Residence furniture must remain inside of the unit at all times. Please do not remove any furniture from the unit.

Yes, but it must remain outside at all times (and at least 10 feet front your unit). Your BBQ must be a propane BBQ only. Charcoal BBQ's are not permitted.

Students that are currently living in Residence that want to come back for the next academic year must apply on or after October 1st. The Residence staff DO NOT assume you are coming back! It is your responsibility to reapply every year.

No. Throughout the academic year, only full-time students are accepted into Residence. If your status drops below a full-time status, you will be asked to leave Residence.

If you clearly write on your application who you would like to live with, and if that person(s) does the same for you, chances are very high that we can make your living arrangement possible. Yet we can never guarantee that you will get to live with whom you choose.

You have the privilege of hosting guests ONLY if you have the permission of all of your roommates. A resident's right to privacy takes precedent over a roommate's right to host a guest. Each resident may only have overnight guests for a maximum of 5 nights per month...again, if all roommates agree. Your guests are your responsibility, and if they should do anything that warrants disciplinary action or a fine, you are personally responsible and will receive the fine or discipline. Also, guests can NEVER stay in the unit unattended by the host. This will result in disciplinary action.

Most definitely! We have, in previous years, gone through a waitlist upwards of 300 people. You need to take into account that throughout the summer, applicants drop out of the waitlist due to lack of funding, choosing a different institution or a number of other personal reasons. So hang in there. Phone back throughout the summer to confirm your waitlist position, and if by the middle of July you are still far back in the waitlist, it may be time to consider off-campus housing. The best thing you can do is apply as early as possible...we start accepting applications for September on October 1st.

Yes, but space is very limited, and you will most likely be asked to move from your current location to one that is set aside for summer residents. For more information, phone or come to the Residence Office. We start accepting applications for summer Residence on February 1st of that year.