Red Deer College provides a learner-centered, safe and inclusive environment for everyone on campus. As a parent or guardian of a student who is either considering or currently attending RDC, we want you to know there are many services that both you and your college student can access to optimize their success in their studies and student life while attending RDC.

This section of our website is dedicated to you, as a parent or guardian, and contains a compilation of College services and common questions that will be useful to you and your college student as they begin their academic journey at RDC.

The Schools at Red Deer College

Red Deer College's academic programs operate under a School model which houses academic programming and provides a learner-centered atmosphere to students. Every student at RDC will be part of a School, providing valuable opportunities to connect with peers in like-minded programs and access supports from faculty and staff tailored to help your college student succeed. Learn more about RDC's Schools to help ensure you and your college student are familiar with the School in which their program is housed.

In addition to the supports the Schools provide, every student will have access to many general College services that support all learners at RDC. Explore and learn more about these services.