Part-Time Apprenticeship Funding

Alberta Student Aid Part-Time Grant

The government provides financial aid to students who are completing their apprenticeship program on a part-time basis. Funding is intended to assist students with the cost of tuition and fees. Funds for living expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries are not provided for part-time learners.

Click here to ensure you meet Alberta Student Aid's residency requirements.

By completing the Alberta Student Aid Part-Time Application, you are automatically assessed for grant funding up to a maximum of $1,800.  


Apprenticeship Awards & Scholarships

RDC's General Awards Application is available between March 1 and May 31


Apprentice Training Award

Available to apprentices who are unemployed in their trade immediately prior to attending technical training.


Apprentice Incentive/Completion Grants

Apply after completing your technical training period and updating your blue book.


Indigenous Student Funding

Apply one month prior to your technical training start date. 



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