COVID-19 UPDATES: Up-to-date information about RDC's response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. Learn more


The global situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) means that each of us has an important role in preventing the spread of coronavirus, as well as colds and flus. 

For complete details, please visit the Alberta Health Services website at to learn more. For specific handwashing information, please visit their hand hygiene page.

As general good practices, please remember the following:

  • washing your hands frequently
  • coughing or sneezing into a tissue or the crease of your elbow
  • keeping tissues handy
  • avoid hugging or shaking hands with others when you’re ill
  • stay home and rest so you can recover more quickly

The Government of Alberta has also provided social distancing tips to help people adapt to the COVID-19 situation. 

Health officials identify that it is not necessary for the general public to wear face masks as a precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus, colds and flus.

To help keep the College community healthy from cold and flu germs spreading, RDC’s janitorial services team, BEST Service Pros, is enhancing their already robust cleaning routines with additional sanitation. Please thank these individuals for their efforts when you see them in the halls, office and classroom spaces and washrooms. 

For additional details about RDC's response to COVID-19, visit Novel Coronavirus