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Incident Report

The achievement and maintenance of safe working conditions and the prevention of incidents is an expectation of all employees and students. By recognizing unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and by taking the necessary corrective action, accidents and injuries can be prevented.

Safety is the responsibility of each and everyone. This is a condition of employment or enrollment and an important part of our performance.

Accident Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure

All occupational incidents/injuries must be reported to the Health, Safety and Wellness Centre and your supervisor. Fill out electronoc form found on the forms page and email them to  wanda [dot] hillary [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (subject: Incident%2FInjury%20Report) (Wanda Hillary )in Health Safety and Wellness Centre immediately. 

If you need assistance in completing this report, please contact the Health, Safety and Wellness Centre at 403.342.3427.

Incident Investigation Directive for Red Deer College

Incidents are investigated so that all the causes can be determined, and corrective actions implemented, to prevent similar types of incidents in the future.

Incidents to be reported include:

  • All incidents resulting in any injury requiring medical aid
  • All incidents that cause property or equipment damage over $500.00, or interrupt operations.
  • All incidents that, under slightly different circumstances, could have resulted in an injury or loss.
  • Any other incident that any employee believes requires attention.

Responsibilities for reporting and investigation are as follows:

  • College employees are responsible to verbally report incidents to their supervisor, immediately after it has occurred.
  • Supervisors are responsible to investigate (to determine immediate and underlying causes and make recommendations for corrective actions). This is to be documented on the Red Deer College Incident Investigation Report form.
  • Senior management must review the reports, and either approve them, or make amendments. A copy of each report is also forwarded to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee for review.
  • Supervisors are responsible to ensure that the corrective actions are implemented in their area, and followed up to ensure that the actions are effective.
  • Supervisors are responsible to share the results of the investigation with their staff. (In some cases the results may need to be shared with all employees).


All incident investigators are required to have training in incident investigation

Incident Investigation Team Members - October 2015

Shelly Peyton Holt, Health Safety & Wellness Centre 403.342.3268
Dan Sarrasin, Campus Management & Security 403.357.3696
Dan Surian, Materials Management 403.357.3644
Ken Peckham, Trades 403.342.3483
Connie Slepicka, Risk Services 403.342.3411
Duane Bott, Carpentry 403.342.3440
Cathy Davis, Sciences 403.342.3549
Nancy McInerney, Sciences 403.342.3142
Rick Knievel, Preforming Arts 403.342.3535
Daniel Anhorn, Visual Arts 403.342.3327
Nick Schultz, Contractors 403.357.3658
Sandra Liberty, Athletics 403.342.3361
Kristina Glover, Residence 403.342.3122
Liz Sweiger, SA 403.356.4970