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7:00 - 8:00 am

Pre-Conference Breakfast
Various locations downtown

Take the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an industry professional. 

8:15 - 8:30 am

Welikoklad Event Centre Theatre

Trevor Thomas, RDC Donald School of Business

8:30 - 9:30 am

Keynote Address: Seeking Your Summit
Welikoklad Event Centre Theatre

Phil Bota

What does summiting Mount Everest require? Resiliency. Drawing on the challenges, roadblocks and obstructions he encountered throughout his climb, Bota presents the importance of goal setting, overcoming obstacles and never giving up on your dreams.    

9:40 - 10:40 am

The Entrepreneurial Matrix: Reloaded
Welikoklad Event Centre Theatre

Ryan TownendWilliam Joseph Communications

As an entrepreneur, you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. While there are many great moments as a business owner, there are also significant challenges, so expect the unexpected. Over the last 20 years, Ryan Townend has learned a lot of valuable lessons as CEO and owner of William Joseph Communications. He has gained significant experience in the fields of branding and marketing, and he will share his lessons and inspire you to make your dreams and goals come true.   

Series of Forunate Events: Finding Meaningful Work
Welikoklad Event Centre Cinema

Lise Stransky, Careers That Work For You

What skills and personality traits are important to employers? Lise Stransky, career advisor, will help you identify the necessary skills and characteristics to experience success in the vast world of work. In this interactive workshop, learn more about yourself and how you can land, keep and excel at your job. Lise is a passionate Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP), who can guide you on the exciting path of meaningful work.

10:45 - 11:45 am 

Mission Possible: Passion Creates Victory
Welikoklad Event Centre Theatre 

Tammy Cunnington, Paralympic Athlete

Become inspired by Paralympic swimmer, Tammy Cunnington, as she discusses her long journey from a traumatic accident at six years old to reaching the Paralympics. She will share the skills, traits and qualities that helped her through the trials and tribulations. Tammy will encourage you to chase your life dreams by sharing genuine, emotional and humorous anecdotes about her path in life. She learned to draw out all of her resiliency, perseverance, and commitment to enthusiastically make her life into what she wants. Tammy doesn’t believe that life is full of sunshine and lollipops everyday, but she believes that passion=victory. 

The Social Network: Perseverance. Creativity. Success.
Welikoklad Event Centre Cinema

Adam & Andy Dawson, Are You Social

Adam and Andy are siblings who both graduated from Red Deer College, and together they own a local social media management agency, Are You Social Corp., located in Red Deer. They have worked with over 50 clients and manage countless digital ad campaigns and accounts for local businesses. They have created custom content for several prominent brands, including Harley Davidson, 70,000 tons of Metal, and Waken Music Festival. Their 60-minute presentation will discuss their journey from post-secondary education into the world of entrepreneurship. The dynamic duo will outline the challenges they faced trying to build a business, in not only a declining economic environment, but in an industry that 10 years ago did not even exist. Adam and Andy will discuss some of their keys to success, which include perseverance and the importance of creating and effectively managing a personal digital brand, while remaining adaptable to change.

11:45 am - 1:00 pm 

Post-Conference Networking Reception
DSB 3rd Floor Common

Stick around for free pizza, mingle with the presenters and put your networking skills to work.