Campus Connections

Campus Connections

The Campus Connections program aims to build a strong and supportive campus community by providing participants with the skills and knowledge to help individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges or others who may be in crisis. The intent of this program is to provide support for students and foster connectedness at Red Deer College. 

Campus Connections 1-Day Training

The Campus Connections Training program is brought to you by the Community Helpers Program and Alberta Health Services. This certificate program is delivered free of charge and is open to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff. This training is best suited to individuals who find themselves in a leadership role or who may want to learn the skills to better support their community and themselves.

Trainees will leave the program with the ability to:

  • Help to decrease stigma and labelling of mental health issues 
  • Recognize non-verbal indicators of someone in need 
  • Use The Helping Skill and other active listening strategies
  • Continue to strengthen communication and collaboration skills
  • Have helpful conversations with someone who may be thinking about suicide
  • Handle crisis situations effectively and ethically 
  • Recognize their own limits and boundaries in helping
  • Provide awareness of campus and community resources

Dates TBD.


Campus Connections Wellness Wednesday Workshops (in collaboration with Student Life)

Dates TBD.

*These evening workshops are available to all students free of charge. Pizza provided. 


Mental Health Commission of Canada Training

Dates TBD.



One conversation can make all the difference in the life of a student — Communitea provides opportunities for these conversations to happen. Students are provided with a safe place to share and vent with one another over a cup of tea. Peer support is a great way to relieve stress and build relationships.

*Does not run during spring and summer semesters.

All students are welcome. 


Campus Connections Customized Workshops

Guided by the needs of your group, specific training modules can be delivered in the classroom or any other planned 60 – 90 minute sessions. This training option is best suited to groups who are interested in strengthening particular skills regarding mental wellness, and the health and safety of fellow peers, colleagues, and students.

*Please see attached list of Campus Connections Workshops.