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Residence Response Plans

The Towers and Disabled Residences are physically attached to the main College.  Each tower has a separate alarm system, as does the disabled wing. The main corridor connecting the Tower Residences is linked to the main College alarm system. Bells ringing in the corridor indicate a possible fire in the main building and/or the corridor itself, not the Tower Residences.


  1. Alarm is activated for the Residences.
  2. Procedure is identical to the rest of the college, i.e. immediate evacuation, contact 911, etc., other than extra assistance will be given to the occupants of the disabled wing by the College Emergency Response Team.
  3. Unless the incident may affect other areas of the College, no global message will be sent out.


  1. Information received of a tornado warning.
  2. Cell phone text messaging sent directing occupants to evacuate to a safer area as indicated on emergency procedure signage.
  3. Residence Assistants requested to initiate residence fan-out system and assist the Emergency Response Team with relocation of occupants to safe areas.
  4. Occupants to remain in safe areas until notified by the Emergency Response Team or global communication system that the danger has passed.

Description of Residence Fire Alarm System

  1. Rowhouses and Townhouses have combination smoke alarms and heat detectors. The smoke alarms sound locally in the rooms and are not tied into the central monitor system at the Security Centre. The heat portion of the detector, if activated, will annunciate at the Security Centre.
  2. All Tower Residences and Residence Blocks 100 ”“ 500 have fire alarm devices that are addressable (will annunciate each separate alarm device location and building suite at the Security Centre).
  3. Disabled Residences have smoke alarms.   These alarms annunciate at the Security Centre but smoke alarms within suites do not activate fire bell.   Smoke alarms and pull stations in corridor will activate fire bell and annunciate at the Security Centre.
  4. Connector Hallway for the Towers is tied into the Main Campus fire alarm.   Fire alarm bells sounding in this corridor indicate a fire alarm in the Main Campus.

Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities

  1. A person with a disability is anyone with a permanent or temporary disability, who for whatever medical reasons, is unable to evacuate a building via the stairwell.
  2. If unable to evacuate, contact Campus Security at 403.343.4000 on an external line or 4000 on an internal line, and advise of your exact location.
  3. Proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait on the landing. Ask someone to stay with you. If unable to contact Campus Security, request someone who is evacuating to inform them of your exact location.
  4. Fire rated stairwells are rated for two hours. Persons waiting in the stairwell are relatively safe until help arrives. Unless a life threatening situation, do not allow yourself to be carried down the stairs by anyone other than qualified personnel.
  5. As power sources may be subject to failure, elevators are not to be used.