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Emergency Preparedness

RDC’s Emergency Preparedness Plan identifies strategies to best deal with any unanticipated emergency and defines the roles and responsibilities of key personnel who comprise the College’s Emergency Response Team. This plan has been developed in conjunction with off campus agencies and is designed in a manner which supports a coordinated response from the City of Red Deer, the RCMP, the fire department, or ambulance personnel who may attend to address a situation at the College.

Factors Which May Result in Activating the Disaster Plan

  1. Natural Disaster: tornado, hurricane, snow storm, high winds, heat wave, cold snap, earth quake, fire, meteor, flood
  2. Person induced: plane crash, terrorist activity, personal violence), water pollution (containment), utility problem (gas leak), explosion, bomb, toxic chemical spill
  3. Diseases: Meningitis, Encephalitis, Active Pulmonary TB, Red Measles, Hepatitis A (food handlers)