Sport Camps

These are so much more than sport camps! Based on the Long-Term Athlete Development Model, these customized camps are designed to develop an athletic person who demonstrates sharp critical thinking skills and understands respect, communication and team building. In addition to fundamental technical skills, campers will learn pre-game mental preparation methods such as visualization, high-level tactical systems of the game (using visual and video correction) and how to get into flow state. Our passionate instructors are professional athletes that love their sport and give their best to each camper. Our coaches give athletes the freedom to explore, get creative and build confidence that allows them to challenge themselves and be successful - life skills that transfer outside the game.

Campers experience and opportunities:                           

  • Indoor and outdoor adventures                    
  • Active breaks                                                     
  • Nutrition and hydration                                  
  • Conditioning principles                                   
  • Stretching essentials                                                                                                                                   

Campers will learn through:                                        

  • Individual skill sessions
  • Team building
  • Technical and tactical team systems
  • Game play

Current course offerings are posted below. Click on the links below to register, or call 403.357.3663 and have your course number ready. You may also wish to view RDC's other youth programming.