Game Design Camp

Video games have gone from a basement hobby to a million dollar industry. They are the entertainment medium of the 21st century and the most successful designers are enthusiastic players.  Tell your story through level design, strategies, character development and programming to create a playable, believable game.

  • Use the powerful Unity Software Engine
  • Learn the fundamental ins and outs of designing your own video game
  • Hands-on, practical workshop
  • Included will be coding, level design, scripting, character development, graphics and animations
  • Design your game in a collaborative environment

Note: Students are supervised both day and night.

Bring A Friend Discount
You know how much fun you have at camp – now we want you to tell your friends and get rewarded for it. For every new friend you recommend that attends one of our overnight camps, you’ll earn amazing discounts on your camp!

Bring 1 friend – receive a 10% discount on your camp registration fee
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Bring 3 friends – receive a 20% discount on your camp registration fee
Bring 4 or more friends – receive a 25% discount on your camp registration fee

Please note:
1) Discount only applies when you recommend students who have never attended an RDC
summer camp and they enrol.
2) Discount will be refunded after the camp has concluded and registration is confirmed.
3) Discounts do not apply to Theatre Alberta’s Artstrek.

For more information or for any questions, please call the School of Continuing Education at 403.356.4900.