American Sign Language Courses

American Sign Language (ASL) is the language of most Deaf Canadians. It is a visual language made up of specific gestures (signs), hand shapes and facial expressions. It has its own unique grammatical rules and sentence structure. Gain confidence and learn the critical skills and tools for conversing in American Sign Language.

You will learn
• Skills to communicate comfortably in a wide variety of situations in the Deaf community
• Cultural information taught throughout class allows students to interact with the Deaf community in a way that is respectful and aware.
• Grammar that is introduced in context, with an emphasis on developing question and answering skills
• Conversational strategies to help maintain a conversation
• Interaction activities allow you to rehearse what you’ve learned

Program format
• Students work sequentially through the individual course levels to develop and build their ASL expertise

For any questions or for more information, contact the School of Continuing Education at 403.356.4900.

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