Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens

Program Description
RDC’s Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens Program provides you the opportunity to develop kitchen management skills that focus on inventory control, budgeting, menu planning, marketing and human resource management in a variety of settings – restaurant, care facility, institution, camp cook.

In four courses you will learn:

  • To examine organizational basics of professional kitchen environments
  • Manage inventory in professional kitchen environments
  • Plan and develop menus for professional kitchen environment
  • Analyze dietary concerns, variety, balance, pricing
  • Differentiate effective and ineffective workplace environments
  • Analyze regulatory environment
  • Recognize value of customer satisfaction

Program format:

  • Flexible online classes
  • Real life assignments
  • Learn in your community

This program qualifies for government funding. Enroll one or more employees in the program and pay only one-third of the tuition with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant! Apply at least 30 days in advance.

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For any questions or for more information, contact the School of Continuing Education at 403.356.4900.