P.A.R.E. Testing

RDC hosts the Physical Ability Readiness Evaluation (P.A.R.E) testing throughout the year. This test is for individuals who are applying to the RCMP or other police forces, or who are already members. Pre-registration is required. Spaces are available for each date on a first come, first served basis. For more information about the P.A.R.E and preparing for the P.A.R.E, see the information links below or contact RDC’s Fitness & Wellness Coordinator at 403.356.4900.

Doctors do not provide medical clearance forms. These are always supplied by the employer and P.A.R.E is no exception. You can also obtain your P.A.R.E Medical Clearance Form from the RCMP website.

The P.A.R.E medical form MUST be signed because it describes the test and informs the doctor of the kind of physical activity you will be subjected to. Medical forms must be dated, signed by the physician and have the clinic stamp (as they are only valid for 6 months).


Current course offerings will be posted below. Click on the link to register, or call 403.357.3663 and have your course number ready.

P.A.R.E. Testing