Phone Directory for Centre for Teaching and Learning

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1 Centre for Teaching and Learning Centre for Teaching and Learning (403) 356-4989 CTL [at]
Maxine Evans Learning Designer (403) 342-3135 maxine.evans [at]
Kasey Fulton Learning Designer (403) 314-2421 kasey.fulton [at]
Dr. Alison Jeppesen Learning Designer (403) 342-3383 alison.jeppesen [at]
Charlene Jones Flexible Learning & Testing Services Coordinator (403) 342-3347 charlene.jones [at]
Melanie Latham Educational Multimedia Specialist N/A melanie.latham [at]
Sona Macnaughton Librarian/Learning Designer (403) 343-4065 sona.macnaughton [at]
Stacey Mateika Learning Designer (403) 357-3627 stacey.mateika [at]
Ray Pilkington Educational Multimedia Specialist (403) 342-3177 raymond.pilkington [at]
Leanne Vig Learning Designer (403) 357-3643 [at]