Phone Directory for Business Administration, Management Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Naved Ahmad PT DSB Instructor 403.356.5086 Ext 6 Naved.Ahmad [at]
Ben Antifaiff PT DSB Instructor 403.356.5086 Ext 5 ben.antifaiff [at]
Dr. Eduard Baidaus PT Instructor 403.342.3581 eduard.baidaus [at]
Doreen Belliveau Marker N/A doreen.belliveau [at]
Cindy Brooks PT Instructor 403.343.4013 cindy.brooks [at]
Joshua Cadorette Marker N/A joshua.cadorette [at]
Terry Cole DSB Instructor 403.356.4894 terry.cole [at]
Kelly Coulter DSB Instructor 403.342.3391 Kelly.Coulter [at]
Sharon Engbrecht PT Instructor 403.342.3358 sharon.enbrecht [at]
Dr. Jason Engel DSB Instructor 403.356.4856 jason.engel [at]