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Phone Directory for Educational Assistant

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Kimberley Armstrong Instructor n/a Kim.Armstrong [at]
Theresa Card Instructor n/a Theresa.Card [at]
Maria Cicman Instructor 403.342.3354 Maria.Cicman [at]
Darlene Cole Instructor 403.342.3315 Darlene.Cole [at]
Gregory Ferris Instructor n/a Gregory.Ferris [at]
Renee Joslin Instructor n/a Renee.Joslin [at]
Kimberly Kirkwood Instructor n/a Kimberly.Kirkwood [at]
Doris Loewen Instructor 403.342.3571 Doris.Loewen [at]
Shawna Schnick Instructor 403.342.3387 Shawna.Schnick [at]
Carrie Tobler Instructor n/a Carrie.Tobler [at]