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Phone Directory for Heavy Equipment Technician

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Derek Budd Instructor (403) 342-3487 derek.budd [at]
Eric Daugaard Instructor (403) 342-3468 eric.daugaard [at]
Paul Dunbar Instructor (403) 356-4897 paul.dunbar [at]
Andrew Frere Instructor (403) 342-3485 andrew.frere [at]
Chris Lind Instructor (403) 342-3559 chris.lind [at]
Guy Maillet Instructor (403) 342-3548 guy.maillet [at]
Melodie McGovern Program Assistant (403) 342-3414 Melodie.McGovern [at]
Ed Monilaws Shop Technician (403) 342-3463 ed.monilaws [at]
Bill Petrosenko Instructor (403) 356-4895 bill.petrosenko [at]
Doug Reynolds Shop Technician (403) 356-4893 douglas.reynolds [at]