Phone Directory for Dean's Office - School of Trades and Technologies

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
James Carr Operations Manager 403-342-3329 James.Carr [at]
Joel Gingrich Dean (403) 342-3456 joel.gingrich [at]
Dale Gust Associate Dean (403) 342-3146 dale.gust [at]
Carla Hedin Advising & Recruiting Specialist (403) 357-3671 carla.hedin [at]
Colleen Hennig Programs Administraton Coordinator (PAC) (403) 314-2494 colleen.hennig [at]
Summer Langstraat Administrative Assistant (403) 342-3450 summer.langstraat [at]
Hilary Pilgrim Apprenticeship Programs Administration Coordinator (APAC) (403) 314-2475 hilary.pilgrim [at]
David Pye Associate Dean (403) 343-4005 david.pye [at]
Wayne Sehlin Apprenticeship Programs Administration Coordinator (APAC) (403) 356-4919 wayne.sehlin [at]