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Phone Directory for Students' Association

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
S.A. Member Engagement Assistant 403-356-4980 sardc-mea [at]
S.A. Marketing & Communications Coordinator 403-356-4972 sardc-marketing [at]
#1) Students' Association Students' Association 403-342-3200 sardc-general [at]
David P. Anderson S.A. VP Operations 403-356-4977 sardc-vpop [at]
Marie Evangelista S.A. Operations & Finance Manager 403-356-4973 marie.evangelista [at]
Karen Krasowski S.A. Health & Dental Plan Coordinator 403-356-4982 reddeerplan [at]
Brittany Lausen S.A. President 403-356-4971 sardc-president [at]
Tim Slusarenko S.A. Far Side Bar & Grill Bar Manager 403-356-4978 tim.slusarenko [at]
Elizabeth Sweiger S.A. Executive Director 403-342-3200 elizabeth.sweiger [at]