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Phone Directory for Humanities and Social Sciences

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Jones Adjei Sociology Instructor (403) 357-3677 Jones.Adjei [at]
Dr. Naved Ahmad P/T Economics Instructor Naved.Ahmad [at]
Dr. Elena Antoniadis Psychology Instructor (403) 314-2448 elena.antoniadis [at]
Dr. Anomi Bearden Psychology Instructor (403) 356-4857 anomi.bearden [at]
Cindy Brooks Communications Instructor (403) 343-4013 cindy.brooks [at]
Dr. Stephen Brown Psychology Instructor (403) 342-3324 Stephen.Brown [at]
Dr. Jenna Butler English Instructor (403) 342-3337 jenna.butler [at]
Dr. Patricia Campbell Communications Instructor (403) 342-3180 trish.campbell [at]
Dr. Choon-Lee Chai Sociology Instructor/CPC Head (403) 342-3533 choon-lee.chai [at]
Jacqueline Cowan English Instructor (403) 342-3568 Jacqueline.Cowan [at]